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Castlevania Symphony of the Night ReMixes

'Nothing But a Pile of Dance Moves!'



What is a mix?! A miserable little pile of secrets!!

Oh you thought we were DONE with that oldskool OCR flava? Hellz nahhhh. If you thought a new DC13 song was hot, wait until you hear what NoppZ has resurfaced with!

Back in the dizzay NoppZ had 13 mixes posted on OCR between January 2k2 and April 2k3. Then he took a 3 year break before getting a new song posted on OCR at the end of November 2006.

But NoppZ ain't done yet! And the time off definitely hasn't skewed his perfomance either. He comes right back atcha today with a hip-to-the core Symphony of the Night mix. It's enough to keep you rockin' all through the night and well into the morning! But just make sure that you get back in your coffin before the sun comes up, else they'll be hellz to pay D:

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