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Breath of Fire 2 ReMixes

'Blink of the Dragon's Eye'



ZOOOOOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it's DC13! I haven't seen that d00d since he was tryin' to hock off commercial Final Fantasy Mystic Quest songs as his own and acroblasting all over #ocremix!

But for serious, for anyone who isn't familiar with Tom, he's been around since OCR was a wee young'n. He went on to become an operater in the chat channel, and later one of the very first judges, before he randomly dropped off the face of the planet.

BUT NOW HE'S BACK and he's delivering some more h0t Breath of Fire goodness. Such goodness hasn't been heard in like 4 years!!!

Totally sweet, dudez. TOTALLY.

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