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Tetris Attack ReMixes

'Final Panic'

  • Game: Tetris Attack
  • Composer(s): Masaya Kuzume
  • Copyright: Nintendo


Posting a song before my 3D Foundations class, maybe if we're lucky I'll get a write-up in before my lab starts! Maybe even MORE SONGS!

Probably almost definitely 1 of the 2, that's fur sure.

Time for this writeup to be JACKED by ME. Where ME is Xerol. So you've made your way up the rainbow path, somehow freeing all your buddies by swapping blocks around for half an hour. And now you have to swap blocks against BOWSER, which he can for some reason do better than everyone else.

Since this writeup is being JACKED, I'm going to throw in a plug for the OCR Tetris Attack Tournament. Because you can only beat up on the AI for so long.

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