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Super Metroid ReMixes

'Dear Power'

  • Game: Super Metroid
  • Composer(s): Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano
  • Copyright: Nintendo


[05:16] (garian): So I'm the leader of this gang, and my boys and I we are walking down the street when this little brat tries to walk through us. I don't get no respect, I tell yah, this kid I ask him his name and he tells me his butt itches! No respect I tell yah!

...-Wait a minute, I'm not supposed to leak out Suzu's script for his movie... Have some info abotu Txai's Dear Power, which probably meant to read Deere Power, like John Deere, the tractor maker. John Deere tractors are an American staple, and as such are capable of delivering the power required to remove all illegal migrant workers from a field 10 minutes before it arrives. Not only that, but it can utterly demolish your neighbors crops, thus raising the price of your own. So the opening synthesisers are Frequency Modulation synths, which probably means nothing to you, because you've never even PLAYED a genesis, which this game was on. If you don't--What? SNES? Well, Txai does an excellent job at combining elements of classic club dance music with the sounds of the Genesis even if she got her systems mixed up. I suppose those knockoffs they produce in 3rd world countries are capable of wonderful things.
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