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Luigi\'s Mansion ReMixes

'Once Upon a Nightmare'

  • Game: Luigi's Mansion
  • Composer(s): Shinobu Tanaka, Kazumi Totaka
  • Copyright: Nintendo


Fusion broke the site so I couldn't post any new mixes, but you wouldn't ever know that unless you read the site yesterday because rather than posting a new news story saying the problem has been resolve, he opts rather to edit the EXISTING news post, dumbing down the story, and saying it's been resolved. Either way, I couldn't post mixes, and now I can! Thusly...

I haven't ever played Luigi's Mansion, and I'll be first to say it. My friend used to have a Japanese version of the game he got with his imported GameCube, and I certainly love Luigi's kart and level in Mario Kart DS, but when Gamecube came out I kinda went straight for SSBM and never looked back.

Regardless, I'm quite familiar with this source tune...quite simply because it's awesome. I'm not even sure whether or not Luigi's Mansion has any other songs because, for whatever reason, this is the only one that's EVER arranged. Maybe it's because it's the only remixable song IN the game? Or maybe because any remix of this song can't go wrong, much like this one. It weighes in at a slim 2min 26sec, but has all the flavor of a delicious orchestral remix with a fraction of the trans fat.

One small thing you should know before you download, though...this POCKETMAN may self-destruct.
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