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Alien Incident ReMixes

'Meanwhile Elsewhere'

  • Game: Alien Incident
  • Composer(s): Jonne Valtonen
  • Copyright: Housemarque Ltd.
Diseased Project

Diseased Project

You guys might remember Diseased Project. He's the guy who gave us that excellent Paperboy mix awhile back that is one of my favorite examples of a good song in a unique style that would probably never make it on OCR (and before I get 20,000 hate mails defending the judging system me not understanding it: probably because of it's "production value" and "technical problems" more than the actual style of the song itself).

Anyway, he's got another song for us, with the same style. This song is Adventure-tastic mixing tunes from Alien Incident and Flight of the Amazon Queen, with a Day of the Tentacle (a game with a VERY special place in my heart) getting an honorable mention near the end.

Huge <33 for this song.

Lyrics & song info availible @ ThaWiki.

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