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Ultima Online ReMixes

'Tavern Tales'

  • Game: Ultima Online
  • Composer(s): Kirk Winterrowd, Joe Basquez, Hal Milton
  • Copyright: Electronic Arts


Anyone who knows me knows there's a special place in my heart for UO. Especially the music. Anyone whom played UO before 2002 (arguably 2000, or even 1998) knows what I'm talking about. Anyone who played UO after 2003 is missing out bigtime on, what was probably, the best MMO evar (for PvP at the very least). Anyone who's never played UO at ALL is probably thinking "WTF is this shitty Diablo 1 looking crap?" (Graphics don't make the game, D00D). Lastly, anyone who wants to get a ThaSauce guild started on a classic UO server (probably Defiance) or whom is interested in trying UO for the first time, shoot an email to [email protected], with the subject "OMG UO!"

Anyway, this song by Argotitoth touches me in special places...in my broad daylight...starring Lou Diamond Phillips. Anyway this is a remix of one of the 3(?) tavern songs from UO:R, which is IMPORTANT because it's NOT from UO:3D, AoS, or Samurai Empire (vomit.)

An exerpt in Ultima Online history:

When the game was released in 1997, it included a collection of midi music that included both new original songs & a lot of rehashes from older Ultima titles. Later, when the "Third Dawn" expansion was released, this music was REPLACED with the MP3 songs from the, then newly released, Ultima IX: Ascension. While a most of the U9 music was entertaining in itself, the people whom played BEFORE had become accustomed, and even ATTACHED to the older midi tunes.

This song is a SOMEWHAT minimalistic take on the original by means of arrangement, but an EXCELLENT reinterptation. Short, but sweet, & QUITE an addicted listen. For anyone whom is a fan of Ultima music this is a MUST HAVE, for everyone else...download it anyone =O.

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