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Super Mario 64 ReMixes

'Beneath the Docks'

Jon Tilton

Jon Tilton

Jon Tilton is here to knock you up with some Super Mario 64 tunage. Nine months, a shotgun wedding, and a quick anullment later, maybe we'll be on speaking terms again. If not, we'll always have Apocalypse Now. Oh those were the days, with the killing and the screaming and the the the Marlon Brando. You know what we're talking about. Anyways we had some reservations about accepting this mix. Some problem with the quantum annotation, metaphysical soprano bingo, and the erm... notes.  Plus it's totally not emo enough. Or maybe it was too emo. However we felt it still met our guidelines (ie: totally isn't a midi rip). In any case, you be the judge. As a matter of fact, if you're one of them musical genius types, we challenge you to download this mix and give Jon Tilton some pointers and tips on improving his arrangement chops (we're too lazy to do it ourselves)! You can't turn down a challenge now can you? Can you? We'd really like to know because our roommate challenged us to a sumo wrestling match and he's five times bigger than we are. Also we totally made all that up.
(Here's the point where you already stopped reading and started downloading.)

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