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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 ReMixes

'Infiltrating the Fortress'



Cyan is back again, check to the wreck and ...talking turtle men? Also chrome domes, etc. Cyan drops the beat in this homage to the heros in a half shell. Some pretty slick synth programming and processing here in this "synthrock" jam for the ages. We say ages cuz apparently the renaissance turtle men have been thrown into the past to fight super alligator cowboy dudes and prehistoric tortoise demons and apparently some kind of humanoid form of athlete's foot. Might have something to do with why it's called "Turtles in Time." Then again the title could also be in reference to the March 1992 issue of Time Magazine. We wouldn't know cuz we never read it. We asked Cyan and he said something about "not reading time magazine" and "I don't know wtf you're talking about" and "never talk to me again." He's such a kidder. Anyways this mix seriously rocks prehistoric socks and also lima beans but not Lima, Peru but totally Adriana Lima cuz she's totally hot and we'd do her.

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