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Zelda 3 ReMixes

'Weird World'

  • Game: Zelda 3
  • Composer(s): Koji Kondo
  • Copyright: Nintendo


Well, seeing as Suzu hasn't been around lately to post songs because his internet is broken (or he's just plain lazy), I've decided to step in a post the songs waiting in the queue. This is probably a bad I idea because I have horrible history with spelling and grammar, and I'm also not very big on "proof reading." Either way, thank God we can edit these things after they've been posted, right?

ANYWAY onto Dragonlord's song. There's no easy way to describe this song, really. I wish there was...really I do, but there's just not. The best way to describe it is...think of the Dark World in LttP, now instead of it having dead/brown grass & trees, a fire red sky, bomb-chucking cyclopti (wtf is the plural for cyclops?!), and Kiki monkey who want rupee, it has:
  • Singing and dancing flowers (possibly faeries as well)
  • Rivers of chocolate
  • Gumdrop flowers
  • Unicorns
  • Probably a leprecahns or some kind of other mythological create
  • Ganon in a tutu

Get that image in your head. Now think of what the music would sound like. Got it? Now take that sound, and make it totally low-fi awesome, and THEN you're probably about half-way there. This song is REALLY arranged from the original...I'm not even gonna try to lie about that, but it's still a REALLY awesome arrangement (as is ALL of Dragonlords stuff) of the Dark World theme. Check-check it. F'realz.

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