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Super Mario World ReMixes

'Crashing Castle'

Electric Concerto

Electric Concerto

Another Super Mario World remux in the house! Two in a row baby! It's like a flood! Well, ok maybe not. But you know what? We REALLY don't gi

Hello there folks. My name is Suzumebachi. I would like to take this time to introduce myself. I am an amateur musician, I co-founded ThaSauce, and I am a pompous jerk. I slack off when people tell me what to do, and I often try to explode tense situations in a non-chalant manner. I purposely make problems worse than they already are for my own personal amusement. I also h

ve a flying testicle. Because Candlejack is not real. So no worries, we've got it under control. In any case, Electric Concerto would like to thank you for your donations. Do the the world a favor. No, do YOURSELF, a favor. And donate your time to Electric Concerto. Listen to this song. Four minutes is all it takes. Four minutes to save a life. Please, think of th

Suzumebachi write-ups: Now with 100% more cop-out!
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