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Super Mario World ReMixes

'Under Depth'



SUPER GREAT! POCKETMAN strikes FEAR into the heart of common men. And children. Not so much FEMALES though (they are merely REPULSED). BUT NO MATTER, because he can win their HEARTS with his ELITE electro orchestro-babble skills. Girls like guys with good SKILLS.

BUT THAT IS A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME! POCKETMAN has sent us a SUPER MARIO WORLD remix! Apparently our first. Which is cool, because SUPER MARIO WORLD is AWESOME and KOJI KONDO is AWESOME and this song is PRETTY awesome and SHORT but still AWESOME despite the fact that it's really SHORT. Also, this song is PRETTY short. But it's AWESOME, because, wait we already explained why. We THINK. No yeah we did. Anyways it's like 5:00 am and the blue man is TRYING to tell us his LIFE STORY and we're doing our best to pretend he's not there but he's being VERY incessant.


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