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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior ReMixes

'Red Cyclone (Vocal Version)'

The Grammar Club

The Grammar Club

SO this remix is...well it's a weird case. It's not so much a REMIX of a game some, as it is an original game song which was an arrangement of a game song...with vocals put over it. Whatever bro, it's hot.

As the story goes from my new bff @ MAGFest:
The Grammar Club recorded the original song for the soundtrack of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD ReMix without Beefy (since the tracks in the game couldn't have lyrics anyway), and Beefy was QQin' (well probably not really) and went off recorded vocals by himself (in seekrat) and sent them to Shael. Obviously Shael was all "zomg <33333" and I was like "must have" and he's like "o o k" and then history was made.
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