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Final Fantasy 7 ReMixes

'Smoke Signals'



So I'm super excited about this remix. So excited that I went to asked ellywu2 about it personally. See, he's always been one of my favorite remixers, though relatively under the radar, and this song is a great example of why. Ever since I heard this song on Larry's "best of VGF" way back in the day it's been absolute love.

Original featured on VGMix2, Smoke Signals is a remix of the Cosmo Canyon music from Final Fantasy VII. For me what makes this mix REALLY stand out is I feel like if I were to one day jump into Final Fantasy VII and walk my ass to Cosmo Canyon, I'm pretty sure they'd be playing this song. It's EXACTLY what I'd envision a "scaled up" version of the Cosmo Canyon music to sound like. Anyway, I asked ellywu if I could post this song because, since VGMix 2 went down, it's been pretty much lost, and everyone who can hear it must! So get on it.
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