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Revenge of Shinobi ReMixes




Beatdrop has remixed this song with a vengeance! Because that's the title of the remix. Vengeance. CLEVER, isn't it? It invokes images of revenge killings, honor, whipping the retarded kid that stole your crayons with the plastic end of a pink and purple striped children's jump rope, and cleverly disguised Batman iconography. But that's all moot. We're here to revel in Mr. Olsen's remixography. You see, he's been around a while. As long as most of us, at least, which means he's grandfathered in. Like a traditional Mexican cockfighting arena, or the Native American ceremonial partaking of mass amounts of peyote (and subsequent dick jokes). He's kind of an enigma. Not to be confused with an echidna. Which would be fitting considering we're on the topic of staple Sega Genesis games. But unfortunately it isn't so. Which brings us to our next point: techno. Beatdrop is the patron saint of UNTS. The condescending zealous overlord of four on the floor. And he WILL condescend to you damnit! Which is exactly what he does in this song. But you knew that already, right? Because you already downloaded it, right? ...Get to it, slackers.

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