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Final Fantasy 6 ReMixes

'Terra's Got Her Groove Back'



Well MAGFest is over. We had fun. Did you have fun? What do you mean you weren't there? Well then who was that one tall guy with the sideburns? That wasn't you? Well damn. We were hoping to run into our fan sometime during MAGFest, but apparently it was not meant to be. In any case, M6 was pretty successful all around. Some shenanigans were had, some excessive drinking took place, and some taco bell was wrapped in bacon; but most importantly, and most relevant to this post, some jams were made.

We've got a pretty special song for you today folks. But first, some back story. You see, at MAGFest this year, these guys Dom and Noah and some other cool dudes were awesome enough to set up a special stage just for people to go play music. A number of other people were kind enough to lend their musical instruments to a pool for people to use there. Including a Yamaha MO-8 keyboard. Which our friend, Shnabubula here, got his fingers on.

So, this song is a bit different from the usual R:TS fare, being as it was played live at MAGFest. Dom and the Jam Space crew actually recorded all of Jam Space directly off their mixer, and were kind enough to hook us up with the recording of this little gem. Fusion2004 was there with his Macbook, and even recorded this performance on video, which you can find on youtube right here.

The release of this song also conveniently coincides with the unveiling of Dragon Army, Shnabubula's own netlabel of sorts. You can check that out at http://arnoldascher.com/dragonarmyinc.html. There's even a Dragon Army youtube channel that has some related videos in it which can be found right here.

So in summary: live remix by Shnabubula, MAGFest was awesome, and be sure to check out Dragon Army. OK bye.
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