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Final Fantasy 10-2 ReMixes

'From A DreamR (2006 Edit)'

  • Game: Final Fantasy 10-2
  • Composer(s): Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
  • Copyright: Square


So liek, another Skrypnyk song. YOU KNOW THE DEAL. YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP. You know what we're gonna say. We're gonna say something about how you totally suck if you don't download this song. Then we'll tell you to click on as many ads on the internet as possible or send us moneys, to increase our revenues. And then we will make some offhanded remark or insult at Skrypnyk's offense. And then we will say just kidding. BUT ARE WE KIDDING, REALLY?

Download this song or die.
Please donate your kidneys or money to us.
But don't donate Skrypnyk's kidneys (he has AIDS). Just kidding.
...Or are we?

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