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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ReMixes

'Mobius Fly Trap (Amazon Edit)'



Quantos Dos Tres? We're not sure what that's all about, or if it even makes sense. But we are sure about one thing: Amazon Edits are cool. Probably pretty humid too. Being near the equator and everything. Anyways Rexy is back with some kind of Latin Dance thingy for you to listen to. Congas and acoustic guitars and and and PANPIPES? You can't have latin without panpipes. Hell you probably can't even live in Brazil if you don't have love for the panpipes. They have laws. And Rexy abides. With style too, cuz if you don't have love for Sonic 2, which is quite possibly the greatest game ever made, then you're either Osama Bin Laden or some other kind of Sonic 2 hating terrorist.

Are you a terrorist?

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