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Guardian Legend ReMixes

'Another World'

  • Game: Guardian Legend
  • Composer(s): Miyamo Shant
  • Copyright: Broderbund Software


What the bob? We're back in business baby! Sorry about the wait, but apparently the world imploded and a vortex was created and we were sucked in and destroyed by vortigaunts in alternate dimensions and then rematerialized in a blender in some crazy woman's apartment in New Jersey. Thankfully, we escaped from blender lady without harm, and paid some mobsters to come up with some good excuses as to why we haven't been doing zany write-ups lately. They nearly came through, but then some skinny on the inside spilled the beans so now we gots ta play some whack a mole if you know what we mean. Do you know any hit men that work for peanuts? We seriously mean peanuts because that's all we have after spending all our money on a Mike Tyson fight in Atlantic City (who knew that asian kid could speed-run Mike Tyson's Punch Out in under 9 minutes). Maybe an elephant hitman would do the trick.

Anyways, we're back, and we have a Guardian Legend techno thing for you from some guy named Brunzolaitis. He has about 13 million songs over at OverLooked ReMiX, which is cool. He's also foreign or something, which is...


And now for an obligatory William Shatner.

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