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Guild Wars ReMixes

'The Glades Of Tyria'

  • Game: Guild Wars
  • Composer(s): Jeremy Soule
  • Copyright: NCSoft Europe Ltd.
Wilbert Roget

Wilbert Roget

This one came out of the blue, and then blue us away. See what we did there? Anyways Wilbert Roget is totally one of those music brain types. He's a freaking Yale music graduate for Chrysler's sake. We'd like to think of ourselves as musically apt, but we feel like absolute dummies compared to this dude. Now we know what you're sayin'. You're sayin', "so he's got credentials and crud, so what." Here's the part where we tell you he whipped up this here song in something like 2 hours, and then you download it and stare at your computer screen in disbelief. Or maybe not. But that said, this is some very beautiful orchestral work. In fact, there's not even a whole lot else we can say about this track. It's time for you to download and listen for yourself.


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